Recollection of Loathsome Legends

by Cimitir

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Halloween 1987 – A small California town is struck by mystery and tragedy after the disappearance of a young man named Nate, who was known for his love for heavy metal and horror movies. Nate vanished after being dared by his friends to spend the night in an old manor at the edge of town. The home is built on top of what those who have lived in the area for generations call “la puerta infernal”, the Hell gate, which is said to be a burial site where ancient tribes performed macabre rituals now long forgotten. The manor is a decaying colonial era home with a long history of hauntings, murders, and other nefarious and unspeakable terrors. Carrying only a flashlight, a worn out HP Lovecraft book, and a Walkman with King Diamond and Venom tapes on hand, Nate entered the old manor on Halloween night and was never heard from again. His friends assumed that he ran away after being too ashamed to admit being unable to follow through with the dare, but days turned to weeks, then months, then years. Urban legends and rumors began to form about “Netherworld Nate”, who was murdered by a deranged killer in the old manor, whose ghost now stalks its wretched halls, whose body is still laying deep within its smoldering bones. Whispers of an inexplicable darkness were told around campfires, and every Halloween children lay awake at night contemplating what dark forces could have caused such a tragedy right there in their own town.

Halloween 2015 – After years of the old manor remaining vacant, the home is finally scheduled to be demolished. A realtor searching through items left inside the house finds a strange discovery; beneath a loose floorboard in the attic was a bloody cassette tape, thought to have been in the possession of Netherworld Nate the night that he vanished. The tape was covered in bloody runes of an indecipherable language, and the original content has been recorded over. The recording of the tape shocks and terrifies it’s listeners; vintage synthesizers and sinister strings weave webs of musical morbidity, analog drums pound revolting rhythms, infernal melodies soar over brooding ambient darkness.

The media covers the story as a hoax meant as a last resort by the realtor to create enough hype around the old manor that it might sell before the demolition, but rumors are once again told around the campfire. Some say that Netherworld Nate never really died, and recorded the tape while in hiding, choosing to remain secluded from society. Others say that the tape is a manifestation of Netherworld Nate himself, through occult and unknown spells his very soul is now imprisoned in the music on the tape. Others claim that the music was literally recorded from beyond, and in his torment and agony while trapped between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead in “la puerta infernal”, the ghost of Netherworld Nate has attempted to make his true story known through vintage synthesized terror tunes. We may never know.

Regardless of what you believe about the tape, one fact remains clear: the music invites you to remember the myths of the All Hallow’s Eve, to recall that there are forces in the world that cannot be explained, that there are still shadows that lurk beyond all understanding and rationalization, where the foreboding evil of the twilight void becomes one with the mortal world; a Recollection of Loathsome Legends.


released March 8, 2016

All music presumably written and recorded by Netherworld Nate between 1987 and 2015.

Cimitir logo and artwork by Dan Capp (
Mastered by Prometheus Art & Design




Cimitir California

An eerie electronic experience for morbid maniacs and sinister souls.

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